What Exactly Are The Best Interests Of The Child?

If you talk with a family law attorney for very long about any situation involving a kid, there's a good chance you'll hear the phrase "the best interests of the child" used. While it might feel intuitive to you, the concept actually has a strong legal definition. It's important when dealing with such matters to understand just what it is a family law attorney is talking about when they mention the best interests of the child. Read More 

Reentering The Workforce And Being Refused Work: How An Employment Attorney Can Help

Women who elect to stay home and care for the children face some of the biggest challenges when they want to reenter the workforce. They have no outside employment history for at least a decade, sometimes two, and now employers will not give them a second glance because the women do not have a current resume. Worst still are the women who are trying to reenter the workforce but are blatantly discriminated against. Read More 

What Do You Do When A Truck Accident Unexpectedly Occurs?

Owning and operating a big rig may have been providing for you over the last decade, but being involved in a vehicular accident can have dire consequences. Not only is your truck out of commission, but you may be suffering from painful injuries that are preventing you from tending to your business. What do you do when an unexpected crisis like this occurs? What Were The Circumstances Behind The Accident? Read More 

How To Deal With Possible Age Discrimination At Your Company

If you are feeling singled out at your job because you are older than those you work with, or if you lost your job because of your age, you may be a victim of age discrimination. Age discrimination is a frequent complaint as a large amount of the population is reaching retirement age. If you think you have been a victim of age discrimination, you have rights that can help you. Read More 

Do You Need A Lawyer When You Drive A Truck?

You drive a truck for a living, so you try to stay extra careful when navigating the roads. The last thing you need is your reputation or company on the line, which can happen if you aren't careful when you're hauling heavy loads or trying to work your way through an unfamiliar town. One small accident and you can get sued on both a personal or company level, which can ruin you for good. Read More