Reentering The Workforce And Being Refused Work: How An Employment Attorney Can Help

Women who elect to stay home and care for the children face some of the biggest challenges when they want to reenter the workforce. They have no outside employment history for at least a decade, sometimes two, and now employers will not give them a second glance because the women do not have a current resume. Worst still are the women who are trying to reenter the workforce but are blatantly discriminated against. If you are a woman who is trying to get work after staying at home to raise your kids for a decade or two, and you feel as though you were discriminated against, it is time to talk to an employment attorney. Here's how such an attorney can help. 

A Little Investigation 

These lawyers have to do a little investigation. It is okay if you hire a male lawyer; he will find a female in the firm who can help uncover a case of discriminatory behavior. The woman acts as though she is a job seeker who has not held a job outside of the home for a decade and is interested in the job available with the company that refused you employment. If the woman in the firm gets the same response, the lawyer will make note of that. Another attempt may be made with another woman working in the law firm to see if a pattern of behavior with that employer can be established. If the pattern can be established, the lawyer has everything he/she needs to pursue your lawsuit. 

Sending the Employer a Warning Letter

This letter tells the offending company/employer that you expected to be hired based on your qualifications and education. The letter will also explain that you are pursuing a lawsuit for discriminatory behavior based on your experience and that of other women who had similar circumstances and were seeking the same employment. You and your lawyer will wait for a response, which may be positive, negative, or very negative. (Very negative responses include filing a countersuit against you.)

Suing for Compensation

It is difficult to sue for monetary compensation since you were never actually hired by this particular employer/company. You would essentially be suing for the opportunity to work for the company and prove your skills. However, given the potentially hostile environment you might be facing if you won your case, you may not want to work for this company, and a very minor cash settlement may be all you receive.