The 3 Main Things A Revocable Living Trust Covers

A revocable living trust is one of many types of estate planning tools you can create and use for protection later in life, and this type of trust covers three main things. A revocable living trust is not always the best option for everyone, but it tends to offer the right types of protection and coverage that many people need. Keep reading for an explanation of how this type of trust works and what it covers. Read More 

Reentering The Workforce And Being Refused Work: How An Employment Attorney Can Help

Women who elect to stay home and care for the children face some of the biggest challenges when they want to reenter the workforce. They have no outside employment history for at least a decade, sometimes two, and now employers will not give them a second glance because the women do not have a current resume. Worst still are the women who are trying to reenter the workforce but are blatantly discriminated against. Read More 

What Do You Do When A Truck Accident Unexpectedly Occurs?

Owning and operating a big rig may have been providing for you over the last decade, but being involved in a vehicular accident can have dire consequences. Not only is your truck out of commission, but you may be suffering from painful injuries that are preventing you from tending to your business. What do you do when an unexpected crisis like this occurs? What Were The Circumstances Behind The Accident? Read More 

DUI Probation: What You Need To Know

It's a frightening experience to be arrested and faced with the conviction of a DUI. The thought of having that on your criminal record for the right of your life is overwhelming. You may be wondering whether you have the option of avoiding time behind bars and taking a probation sentence or if you have to go to a criminal trial. If probation is something that you are curious about since it can keep you out of jail, here are a few questions that you may have regarding the DUI probation process: Read More 

How Truck Company Maintenance Records Could Assist Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck driver, the truck driver is not the only entity you can go after for damages while pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. The trucking company that the truck driver works for is also responsible for ensuring that their drivers and trucks behave in a safe manner on the road and follow all the federal and state regulations. Your lawyer can request the maintenance records for the trucking company in order to determine if the trucking company can be held responsible for the events and circumstances that lead to your accident. Read More