Not So Good Dog: When The Neighbor Dog Bites

What Can You Do to Prevent Your Paycheck from Being Garnished?

Unpaid debts don't simply go away when you stop paying. Creditors can—and usually will—come after the money you owe any way that they can. One of those ways is through garnishment of your wages. Garnishment is a method through which creditors use a court order to take money directly from a debtor's paycheck. Naturally, if you're already struggling with your bills and your debts, this is something that you want to avoid. Read More 

Fumes That Kill: What To Do If You Are In An Accident With A Chemical Truck

Trucks that carry chemicals and gases are the most dangerous in auto accidents. Even if you survive without injury in such an accident, there is the very big problem of leaks from the truck and possibly explosions. Worst of all are chemical vapors, which are not only potentially lethal, but can also cause brain damage and nerve damage. If you are in an accident with such a truck and you do not lose consciousness during the accident, remember to do all of the following. Read More 

Four Ideal Locations To Use For Child Visitation After A Divorce

If your ex-spouse gets custody of your children after a divorce but you're granted visitation, you may have a specific amount of time that you can visit your kids each week. In many cases, visitation is supervised, which means that your ex-spouse will be present. You may not want to have your ex-spouse in your new house, nor may he or she want you at his or her house. In such a scenario, it can be a good idea to meet in a neutral location — and one that your children will find entertaining. Read More 

Leave These Things Out Of Your Will

Some people view wills as a catch-all for any estate-related inclusions, but there are better ways to address some issues than the last will and testament. Read on to learn about some estate-related ideas that might be better served using other methods. Conditional Bequests It may surprise some that a bequest should be free of conditions. After all, you might want to have your nephew go to college, but you want to ensure that he actually makes good grades while there if you're going to be leaving him money to further his education. Read More 

Parting Ways, Step By Step

The divorce issue may have caught you by surprise or you may have spent some time in consideration of it, but either way it can feel like a confusing time. You don't know what to do and at times you feel overwhelmed. While speaking to your divorce lawyer will resolve a lot of issues, it may be helpful to learn about the steps that lead up to a divorce being final. Read More