Getting Away From An Abuser: What You Need To Know

Is the person you are dating abusing you? If he or she has hurt you in more than one way, you may be trying to get out of the relationship get away from them because you are fearful they will hurt you again. If you are concerned about your safety, it is important to seek help from various sources. It is possible to get away from an abuser, but you will need to follow some steps if you would like to get through the process as safely and stress-free as possible. Read More 

5 Things You Need To Know About Personal Injuries & Pokemon Go

It seems as if Pokemon Go has changed the scope of smartphone gaming. Players are forced to walk around in order to play, hunting Pokemon and fighting in gym battles as they do. In spite of pop-up bubbles advising players to be safe, accidents, injuries, and criminal activity has occurred. Thinking about playing Pokemon Go? Here are a few things you should know about the game first: 1. Assumption of risk is only a defense in some states. Read More 

How Can You Find Information On A Pending Immigration Petition?

After you've filed the necessary petition and mountains of supporting documentation, paid the required fees, and received a notice that your petition has been received (as well as your fees), what's next? Unfortunately, no step in the long process will be as swift as the collection of the fees, which is usually done within days or weeks of submitting a petition. You may be waiting for several years with very little information concerning the progress of your case. Read More 

The Responsibilities And Rights Of Parents After A Divorce

Once a divorce is finalized and the custody of your children is decided, you should be aware of the responsibilities you and your former spouse will have as parents. Non-custodial and custodial parents have titles that imply who the child is living with, but the responsibilities go beyond that. Make sure you understand the responsibilities and rights of both parents. Your Responsibilities Your responsibilities as husband and wife may have been very clear, but it can easily be complicated after a divorce. Read More 

Employment References: What Employers Should Know Before Providing Feedback For Former Employees

In general, employers are not legally prohibited from providing true information about a former employer to a new company they are applying to. The law provides protection from providing honest feedback about work performance of those who worked for them. However, a line can be crossed if a former employer is misrepresentative about that person's work performance or is dishonest about reference information. Doing so can result in a defamation lawsuit if you are found to be untruthful about your former employees. Read More