Why You Should Always Talk To A Lawyer About Your Wage Garnishment

Sometimes people fall behind on their financial obligations due to a mixture of bad luck, loss of employment, and simple, poor fiscal decisions. It can happen to anyone, as this year and the global pandemic has shown, but that does not mean you have to live with a heavy yolk around your neck. Wage garnishment can be absolutely crippling to families and individuals that are underneath that system, and often there is a high chance that you could get out of it if you just know your rights. That is why you should always talk to a wage garnishment lawyer.

Who Can Garnish Wages

Not every company can garnish your wages, and in many cases, the only entities that can garnish wages through your employer is the government itself. Of course, these rules differ from state to state, which is why you need individual advice from a wage garnishment lawyer in your city of residence, but there is a chance you are being unlawfully pursued by these businesses. You will need to pay them back, but that does not mean they get to force you to live in extreme distress while you are in the process of doing so.

Re-Negotiating Your Wage Garnishment

Having a professional lawyer on your side can be crucial in organizing a new deal between you and the company that is currently garnishing your wages. A payment plan can be drawn up that does not implement such strict conditions on your quality of life, while also making the creditor happy. Sometimes this means increasing the length of the loan, sometimes it means lowering it all together to something more manageable. Whatever your lawyer thinks they can realistically achieve is what they will pursue, and they will be frank and open about your chances.

COVID-19 Restrictions

There has been a raft of new legislation that has come about due to COVID-19 in regards to loans, mortgages, and garnishment. The state and the federal governments recognize that these are unnatural times and they require the suspension of some of these recoupment methods. You might be paying for something that you legally are not required to for another few months or even years. A wage garnishment lawyer can help find out what area your repayments fall into and whether or not you fall under any of the government's current schemes to help out suffering families and individuals due to COVID-19.