Are You At Fault For A Motorcycle Accident After Wearing An Inexpensive Helmet?

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, one question might be whether you are wearing a helmet. The question usually comes down to a yes or a no. However, even if you were wearing a helmet, this doesn't mean that you were wearing one that won't cause you to experience a severe head injury.

Beware of Cheap Helmet Brands

Some motorcycle helmet brands are effectively useless. They tend to be inexpensive because they are made of less expensive materials. Helmets made with ABS plastic are more resistant.

Helmets Can Affect Riding Performance

If your helmet is too heavy or does not fit properly, you might also have an accident. The helmet might worsen your riding performance, contributing to an accident. But with the help of eyewitnesses and other evidence, you could still show that you were operating your motorcycle safely and that the other driver was at fault for the accident.

The Helmet Might Play a Role in Your Accident

After a motorcycle accident, the other motorist and their insurance provider will not want to pay out a settlement. Therefore, they'll try to use the fact that your helmet was inexpensive and contributed to the severity of your injuries.

An Attorney Will Explain the Motorcycle Helmet Laws

It is essential to understand motorcycle helmet laws in your jurisdiction and how they can affect your motorcycle accident case. Also, you'll need to know whether the type of injuries you suffered would be affected by the helmet you wore.

The Helmet Might Not Have Mattered

Depending on the accident's severity, it might not matter whether you were wearing a helmet. Therefore, even wearing a cheap helmet, you should be compensated for your injuries.

Comparative Negligence

Determining what contributed to your injuries is important because liability is defined by who is at fault in many jurisdictions. You might receive a lower settlement amount if you are considered partially at fault.

Damages After a Motorcycle Accident

If you end up in an accident, you might also receive a lower settlement if you can't demonstrate the full extent of your injuries. Therefore, you must work with your motorcycle accident attorney and the doctor to calculate your damages. These include your medical expenses, future medical costs, and lost wages.

Jury Bias

If your case goes to trial, you must face a jury. A jury tends to be biased toward motorcyclists, and your helmet's quality might affect the jury's perception. However, wearing any helmet will show that you were not reckless and will also demonstrate that the accident was severe enough that your helmet couldn't protect you.  

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