Factors That Could Possibly Affect Your Motorcycle Personal Injury Case

Injuries from a motorcycle accident due to another driver's negligence can be severe. The last thing you need is to have your case dismissed or denied without providing reasonable compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, several factors can affect the outcome of your case that you and your motorcycle accident personal injury attorney may have to overcome. Here are a few.  

Extent And Severity of Your Injuries

Probably one of the essential elements of your case is the extent and severity of your injuries. You must seek medical care following any type of accident but even more so for a motorcycle accident. 

Because of the lack of protection a motorcycle offers, you may sustain more internal injuries than a person injured in a motor vehicle accident. You may not even realize you have sustained specific injuries until the doctor examines you. 

Make sure your motorcycle accidents personal injury lawyer has copies of all of your medical records pertaining to your accident. Always ensure that you follow medical advice and receive recommended treatments and services.

Prevalence of Motorcycle Prejudice

Unfortunately, many people see motorcycles are inherently dangerous machines. This prejudice is often found in the general public and with insurance adjusters and claim representatives. People also often view motorcycle riders as reckless and rebellious.

The insurance companies will often use this prejudice in an attempt to shift the blame for the accident onto you and deny your claim. Your motorcycle accident personal injury attorney will know how to overcome this blame-shifting and counter the company's determination of fault.

Insurance Coverage

The liable party's insurance limits are another vital factor in your injury case. Unfortunately, you can't get the money that is not there. Even if you have a substantial claim, the insurance company is only liable up to the person's policy limits. 

If you need to collect beyond their policy limits, you must be prepared to take out a civil case against them. Suing civilly only makes sense if you think they can pay your claim. If not, you may sustain legal fees for which you will never receive compensation.

Available Evidence

The crux of your case rests on the amount of evidence you and your attorney present. Collecting and preserving as much evidence as possible during the early stages following your accident is crucial. Some of this evidence may include the following:

  • Witness statements
  • Medical documentation
  • Crash investigation reports
  • Police reports
  • Loss wage statements

You also want to prove how the accident has changed your and your family's lives. Because this, too, will factor into your case. 

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