Have A Clause In Your Prenup And Need Evidence Of Your Spouse Cheating? Hire A Private Investigator Today

Do you have a prenuptial agreement with a clause about cheating, and you want to prove your spouse is having an affair? If so, there are some things you want to do quickly.

There are many ways that you should be able to do this. Here are some of the things to get started, so you can get the assistance you need and find your evidence.

Get Cell Phone Bill Information

If you have access to your cell phone company, and you can get a copy of the bill, this is ideal. You want to look at the following things when you have access to see what is going on with their cell phone:

  • Numbers of those being texted
  • Daily phone calls
  • Data activity

You can go through the call log and read the text messages if you have access to the account online, which could be a fast way to prove they are conversing with others outside of your marriage.

Hire a Private Investigator 

One of the fastest and easier ways to get the evidence that you need that someone is cheating on you is to hire a private investigator. This person will follow your spouse around without being detected, to get the evidence they are having an affair. This means tracking them to different restaurants, buildings, and more.

The investigator may do a variety of things, including:

  • Track your spouse on dating sites
  • Find information on credit cards to indict your spouse
  • Get surveillance footage of your spouse in action

The investigator can try to get pictures to prove the locations of your spouse when they are supposed to be at work or other places, and with the people or person they are having an affair with. This may be the most crucial evidence in your case.

If you need the evidence that your spouse is cheating, and you are sure that they are, so you can get divorced and get around the prenuptial agreement, get the assistance of a private detective, and get copies of all the bills you have access to.

Being able to pin their location at the same place as someone that they are cheating with, and having evidence of the affair is going to be the fastest way to get through the divorce, and to get what you want going through the divorce process.

Reach out to a private investigations company like Gary Litton Investigators to learn more.