What To Expect When You Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Filling a workers' compensation claim is not always a straightforward affair. Thus, hiring a workers' compensation attorney is best to help you navigate the claim process. Workers' compensation attorneys specialize in handling work-related personal injury cases. Thus, they are in a position to provide legal counsel on your workers' compensation claim. 

Here are four things to expect when you hire a workers' compensation attorney.

No Upfront Fees 

Workers' compensation attorneys only get paid when you receive a settlement. But if they fail to get you compensated, you don't owe them anything. On average, workers' compensation attorneys get between 15% and 25% of the settlement amount. 

Comprehensive Calculation of the Claim Amount 

Before filing a claim, you must determine the settlement amount to ask for. But, most people don't know how to calculate an ideal amount based on their injuries. As a result, they usually ask for measly compensation amounts. 

But workers' compensation attorneys can help you calculate a fair compensation amount. For instance, your lawyer will factor in various costs such as:

  • Loss of income due to injuries acquired
  • Post hospitalization treatments such as therapy 
  • Prescription medication

Such factors help beef up your settlement claim and ensure you receive fair compensation. Hence, a workers' compensation lawyer ensures you file a reasonable claim amount. 

Proper Filling of the Claim

If it is your first time filling a workers' compensation claim, it is pretty easy to make a mistake in your filling. Filling mistakes are one of the common reasons why insurance companies deny claims. Even if an insurance company doesn't deny your claim, your claim will encounter delays due to the mistakes. 

But you can prevent delays and denials by having a workers' compensation attorney file the claim for you. They have tremendous experience and knowledge of the claims filing process. As a result, they are in a position to file your claim correctly to avoid delays or denials. 

Thus, a workers' compensation attorney improves the chances of your claim getting approved.

Professional Negotiation on Your Behalf

Insurance adjusters always try to negotiate the claim amount you ask for and propose a lesser settlement amount. 

But, a worker's compensation lawyer handles the negotiations with the aid of material evidence to support your claim. Examples of evidence used by your lawyer to negotiate a fair settlement include:

  • Proof of injury from medical reports
  • Proof of permanent or temporary disability
  • Proof of ongoing treatments after release from the hospital

Thus, a workers' compensation attorney is instrumental in negotiating a fair settlement for your claim. 

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