Do You Need A Lawyer When You Drive A Truck?

You drive a truck for a living, so you try to stay extra careful when navigating the roads. The last thing you need is your reputation or company on the line, which can happen if you aren't careful when you're hauling heavy loads or trying to work your way through an unfamiliar town. One small accident and you can get sued on both a personal or company level, which can ruin you for good.

It's wise to have a lawyer on standby, especially a lawyer who is skilled in truck accidents. Even if you have a clear truck-driving history, one small accident can turn into a big deal for you. Should you hire a lawyer if you drive a truck for a living? This guide will help you out.

You are an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur and you work for yourself? If you are an independent contractor or don't work under an LLC and you get into a car wreck, you can be put into a very tricky situation. The reason why is this: you don't actually have a business when you are a self-employed person with no organization, so if you get sued, you get sued on a personal level. Your home, personal assets, including the truck you drive, and other items get put at risk when you get into a wreck and the other person wants to get financially compensated for the accident.

You need a lawyer if you are self-employed as an entrepreneur because you don't want to lose everything you own in a wreck. Your lawyer will do what they can to help you in your case to make your financial outcome less hazy for you.

You work for someone else

If you work for another company and get into an accident, you risk losing your job or being held liable for the accident should your employer choose to come after you for compensation or even choose to fire you for the incident. Getting legal backing in the event an accident does occur will help you not only keep your job but also protect yourself against employer harassment in the future. You want your boss to know you can protect yourself if you need to, so make sure your employer understands you do have your own legal representation in the event you get into an accident while driving your company truck. This is the best way to protect yourself should an accident ever occur, whether you are at fault or not.

Reach out to a truck accidents attorney to learn more.