Caught On Camera By A Red Light? Fight It In Court

Moving violations that result in the issuance of a ticket can add points to your driving record. If you accumulate too many points, your license could be suspended. This is why it's important to fight traffic tickets in court.

Many intersections are outfitted with red light cameras that are being used to issue tickets. You need to work closely with an attorney to help you fight this type of ticket in court so that you can avoid the accumulation of points on your driving record in the future.

Prove Necessity

If there is clear evidence that it is you and your vehicle running a red light, you will be issued a ticket. Your lawyer can help you mount a defense against this ticket by proving that your actions were born out of necessity. There are situations where you need to run a red light in order to avoid a serious collision or to avoid harming pedestrians in the area.

Additional images from the same traffic camera will need to be requested by your attorney to help provide evidence that necessity caused you to run the red light. Many judges will dismiss a traffic ticket if you can prove you ran a red light for a valid reason.

Challenge Clarity

Red light cameras are tasked with capturing vehicles that are in motion. This can lead to some very blurry pictures.

Your attorney will obtain a copy of the photograph used to issue your ticket in preparation for your day in court. If this photo appears to be blurry or doesn't provide clear detail of you and your vehicle, you can argue that there is not enough evidence to convict you of the driving infraction.

Establish an Alibi

Many of the traffic tickets that are issued based on red light camera images are the result of a quick DMV search for the license plate number of the vehicle running the red light. This creates the possibility that you may have been issued a ticket when you weren't even behind the wheel.

An experienced traffic lawyer can help you establish an alibi for the time that your vehicle was captured running a red light. If you are able to provide solid evidence you weren't in the car, you can get your traffic ticket dismissed.

Don't be afraid to challenge a red light ticket in court. Your attorney will be able to help you mount a solid defense that could get the ticket thrown out.