2 Signs The Instance Company Is Giving You The Run Around

People pay their insurance premiums every month or year in hopes that their insurance companies will be there for them when they need them, such as in the event of an accident. However, this guarantee is not one that is always granted.

In some instances, the insurance company outright denies a claim after an accident or makes it so difficult for the victim that they just want to give up. If you believe your insurance company might be treating you in this manner, there are some red flags that might give you the confirmation you've been seeking.

1. The Document Quest

Does it feel like the insurance company never has the document from you that they need? It might seem like no matter what you send in, it's never the information they are looking for or that they always seem to misplace the record that you know you mailed, faxed, or scanned. 

This type of behavior, unfortunately, is one trick an insurance company might use to not outright deny the claim but to make the process extremely challenging. The best thing you can do is to keep a record of everything you submit.

In the event the insurance company tries to deny the claim because of a lack of information, you will have a record that shows you did your part.

2. Lack of Response

When you reach out to your claim's adjuster or any other representative from the insurance company, you should receive a timely response. However, if you seem to have a lack of response, don't take this situation lightly.

You could be receiving a lack of response because the insurance company is trying to get you frustrated enough that you will simply give up or so that they can use any delays against you and say that you did not respond within a specified period of time and deny your claim. 

If it's necessary for you to contact your insurance company every day, then that's what you need to do. Never leave a matter open-ended and follow up as much as you have to in order to protect yourself and your claim. 

Even if you don't suspect that your insurance company is trying to make it hard for you, it's still important to partner with an attorney. An attorney can recognize the games insurance companies play, but most important he or she knows the law. An attorney will work hard to ensure your rights are protected. Contact a firm, like Buckley  Law Office , for more help.