Four Ideal Locations To Use For Child Visitation After A Divorce

If your ex-spouse gets custody of your children after a divorce but you're granted visitation, you may have a specific amount of time that you can visit your kids each week. In many cases, visitation is supervised, which means that your ex-spouse will be present. You may not want to have your ex-spouse in your new house, nor may he or she want you at his or her house. In such a scenario, it can be a good idea to meet in a neutral location — and one that your children will find entertaining. Here are four ideal locations to consider. A divorce attorney like those at Seiler & Parker PC may be able to give you more ideas.


A community park is a thrilling place to visit for many children. In their environment, you can play with your kids on the play structure, in the fields, or elsewhere while your ex-spouse sits nearby. If there's a splash pad, you can enjoy some quality time getting wet and laughing with your children. In this environment, your ex-spouse doesn't have to loom over you and bother your time your children, but he or she can still remain nearby.

Children's Fun Center

Lots of cities have children's fun centers, and while these locations are often synonymous with children's birthday parties, they're also ideal for visitation. Children can sometimes feel uncomfortable about visiting the parent with whom they do not live, so meeting in a fun environment such as this one can excite your kids. You'll be able to play with them and watch them have fun, which will be rewarding to you.

Sporting Venue

If your children enjoy sports, meeting at a sporting venue can be a good place for visitation. You can buy several tickets, and you and your ex-spouse can sit at opposite ends of your group with the children in between. You'll enjoy hanging out with your kids, watching the game, and perhaps snacking on some hot dogs and popcorn. The public nature of this venue can also be ideal for keeping you and your spouse behaving civilly.


Education is important for children, so you might wish to consider an education-focused place for your visitation periods. A museum is idea in this regard. Your ex-spouse can walk behind you while you and your children check out the exhibits. If you live in an area with lots of museums, you can consider visiting different museums on different visitation days. With these ideas, you'll find that your children will eagerly anticipate their time spent with you.