Bus Drivers That Have No Business Driving A Bus: What You Should Do

Most bus companies do a decent job of vetting their drivers. However, there is always the one company or the one driver that drops the ball or slips through the cracks. These drivers are ticking time bombs, costing the bus companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal settlements and bus accident legal services. If you or your child rides a bus with this dangerous driver, so many things could go wrong. Based on what could go wrong (or did), here is what you should do

Your Child Is Molested

It is terrifying to hear about these kinds of cases, but they do happen. Someone is hired to drive a school bus, and all seems fine for a while. Then the driver reveals his or her true nature by selecting a victim and dropping the child off late at home or school.

Usually, the driver claims he/she accidentally missed the stop or forgot to check the bus, and then waits for the other children to get off the bus before committing these heinous acts. If this has happened to your child, you can sue the bus company, the school, and the abuser. Clearly, someone dropped the ball on vetting this person, and that is how this happened, so include every pertinent party in your lawsuit.

The Bus Driver Was under the Influence

Most bus accidents occur because the bus driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When that fact comes to light, it is often revealed that the driver has had a longtime history of substance abuse. Sue the bus company when you or someone in your immediate family was seriously injured because of the bus company's negligence and lack of due diligence.

The Bus Driver Has a Seizure Disorder or Chronic Mental Health Problems

Even the people who appear most "with it" during an interview can have the most drastic of emotional, psychological, and/or neurological problems. An interviewer cannot ask a potential candidate about these health problems, which further complicates matters. However, a bus company can ask if all present disorders a candidate has are under control and will not affect a candidate's ability to drive a bus.

If the candidate responds that everything is under control, and the bus company hires that person, that person should be monitored carefully. Uncontrolled seizures put lives in danger, and uncontrolled and unstable mental or psychological conditions can also cause fatalities. Regardless of the disorder or the cause, you can sue the driver for lying to the bus company. For more information, contact companies like Otorowski Morrow and Golden, PLLC.