Getting Away From An Abuser: What You Need To Know

Is the person you are dating abusing you? If he or she has hurt you in more than one way, you may be trying to get out of the relationship get away from them because you are fearful they will hurt you again. If you are concerned about your safety, it is important to seek help from various sources. It is possible to get away from an abuser, but you will need to follow some steps if you would like to get through the process as safely and stress-free as possible.

Look Into Emergency Shelter Options

There are some shelters that open their doors to those who are victims of abuse and need to escape from the person who is causing harm to them. Instead of staying at home and taking that risk of getting hurt again by someone you once loved and trusted, it is important to pack some basic necessities and leave the home. There may be several emergency shelters in your area. It is important to call them and explain your situation. The staff members at these shelters are caring individuals who are devoted to helping people escape dangerous and abusive relationships.

Meet With a Family Law Attorney

Contact a family law attorney who takes on domestic abuse cases. There are a few good reasons to receive assistance from a legal professional. The first reason is to get help with obtaining an order of protection. You may not know how to start the process and you may be afraid to go to the police, especially if you feel like the person who harmed you is following you.

A family law attorney could explain the different options you may have. For example, there is a no-contact provision that will require your former partner to stop communicating with you. They would be breaking the order of protection even if they sent you a text message or tried to reach out via email. There is also such a thing as a stay away provision. Your former partner would have to keep his or her distance from you and would not be allowed to be within a certain amount of feet near your home or workplace at all times.

After helping you obtain an order of protection, a family law attorney can help you pursue a civil lawsuit against the individual who caused you harm. The civil lawsuit would be a way for you to receive some type of compensation based on both the physical and emotional abuse you have endured.

You do not have to be afraid to take your abuser to court. In fact, it is important for you to get away from this individual and seek justice. You can rely on the help of other people who want the best for you, such as the staff members at the emergency shelter and a family law attorney who will explain the order of protection and civil lawsuit process. It may feel like you will never overcome this situation, but it is possible as long as you use the resources that are available. Contact a company like Knollmeyer Law Office for more information about your options.