Top Things People Can Hire Paralegals To Do Instead Of An Attorney

It is important to know that there are some legal matters that you can receive assistance with by simply hiring a licensed paralegal. Take a moment to review some of the following situations where a professional paralegal may be able to help you.

Drafting An Uncontested Divorce Petition

Since paralegals are not legally able to provide legal advice or counsel, they cannot help with divorce cases where one person will be contesting one issue or another. Basically, if the divorce is going to end up in a battle in court, the paralegal cannot help you. However, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have come to an agreement on how things should be settled, it is really just a matter of filling out the right forms and having the petition for the divorce filed in a correct manner. This is something a professional paralegal can help you with.

Setting Up A Power Of Attorney

There are various reasons you may want to have a power of attorney document drafted. No matter what your reason is, the purpose of a power of attorney document is to give another legal adult permission to make certain decisions or sign legal documents on your behalf. You can have the power of attorney form drafted so the person only has control over a particular issue or you can allow him or her to have control over all of your legal matters. Since this is just the drafting of a document, a skilled paralegal will be able to do it for you.

Filing A Petition For Bankruptcy

Filing a petition for bankruptcy is a fairly straightforward process, at least legally speaking. It is simply the matter of filling out the proper paperwork, including all of the correct information, such as your debts, and correctly filing it with the bankruptcy courts. From there, you would receive notification by mail for a date you need to appear before a judge or trustee to receive confirmation regarding whether your petition for bankruptcy was accepted. You can technically fill out all of that paperwork yourself, or you can hire a paralegal to do it for you if he or she has experience handling such documents.

With those three things in mind, it should be easy to see that if you are dealing with a straightforward legal situation where the main concern is the filling out and filing of proper documentation, then the hiring of a  paralegal professional might just be the best route to take.