Don’t Make These Common Mistakes after Being Arrested

If you get arrested, regardless of the type of crime and whether or not you committed the crime, there are some things you should not do. Unfortunately, these actions seem harmless to someone who doesn't know any better, so they are quite common among people being arrested for the first time. Here are three very important things you should avoid doing if you get arrested.

1. Telling the Police What Happened

When you first get arrested, the police officer might ask about the crime in question and try to get information from you. You are not required to give them information that might lead to you possibly giving an admission of guilt. Be respectful to the police officer and let them know you would like to speak to your lawyer first. This goes for the police officer arresting you and anyone you speak to in the police department, including in an interrogation room. You do not have to tell them anything or answer any questions without a lawyer present. Any small detail you share can be used against you if your case goes to court.

2. Pleading Guilty without Knowing the Facts

Some cases might seem cut and dried. For example, you know you were drinking and driving, therefore you might as well just plead guilty and get it over with. However, there are a lot of details that could possibly get you out of jail time and other negative consequences if you hold off and wait until you get legal help. For example, if the police officer who pulled you over and arrested you for a DUI did so in a way that goes against their jurisdiction, they might not be able to charge you. If they didn't have grounds to assume you were drinking before giving a field sobriety test or if they did the test incorrectly, it might not hold up in court. It is also possible that you failed a sobriety test only because you have poor balance due to physical conditions, not because you had too much to drink, and therefore the test should not be grounds for a DUI arrest.

3. Waiting Too Long to Hire a Lawyer

No matter what type of crime you were arrested for, you need a criminal attorney. They should be there to help you from the very beginning, shortly after you are arrested. The lawyer will look into the facts of the arrest and find out what evidence is being presented against you. They can lead you in the right direction as far as the interrogation process and plea is concerned and possibly even help you get a plea deal. Don't wait too long to get a lawyer or you could hurt your case in the long run. Contact a firm like the Rolsch Law Offices to get started.