About Buying Real Estate With Help From An Attorney

Are you debating on whether or not you should invest in a home that is up for sale because the low price is suspicious? The best way to handle the situation is to allow a real estate attorney to walk you through the process from beginning to end. Below, discover helpful information about getting help from an attorney when it comes to buying real estate.

What is the Point of Hiring an Attorney for a Real Estate Purchase?

A real estate attorney is worth hiring when you are confused as to why a house is being sold well under the price that it is worth. He or she will be able to do an investigation on the house to find out if it is facing foreclosure due to back taxes being due. Although foreclosed homes can usually be purchased at a good price, it is not a good deal when you are unaware of the situation before making the purchase.

For instance, you might have to give possession of the house to the government right after the purchase if you can't pay the past due taxes that you were clueless about. An attorney will not only find out about past due property taxes, but also help you with negotiating an even better deal if you are still interested in the real estate.

If you decide to go forward with the process for buying real estate, an attorney will assist with the sales contract. The sales contract is the most important aspect of buying real estate because it lists all of the details about the house, as well as what the owner must do if you buy the house.

For instance, if you want the owner to make repairs to major problems in the house, an attorney can make sure everything is written in the sales contract. He or she will also assist throughout the closing process to make sure the house is legally yours in the end.

What Does an Attorney Charge for Help with a Real Estate Purchase?

An attorney will charge you based on the extent of help that you need with the real estate transaction. If you only need help with determining what is in the sales contract, it is estimated to cost $200 or more per hour. Help with the entire buying process can cost over $1,000 based on how complex the task is. Hire a real estate attorney like one from Law Office of Richard D. Saba, P.A. for the help that you need for making the right decision!