3 Topics To Remember When Creating A Child Visitation Agreement

Mediation is an important part of the divorce process. If you and your spouse have agreed to work together to create a visitation agreement for your child, it is important that you ensure that most possible scenarios are covered to avoid confusion in the future. Here are some of those aspects to include in your agreement. 

Pick Up and Drop Off

For some co-parents, one of the most difficult parts of visitation is the pick up and drop off of the child. It is because of this, you and your spouse need to ensure that your agreement has considerations for the process. 

For instance, part of the agreement could be for both parents to ensure that all of the child's belongings are packed with him or her. You could also select someone to pick up and drop off the child if you and your spouse are unable to maintain civility around each other. 

Medical Treatment

Since a permanent court order is not in place yet, the determination of which parent is responsible for medical treatment decisions has not been made. Unfortunately, emergency situations do occur, and your child could need immediate care. 

You and your spouse need to make a determination regarding the extent of medical care each parent can authorize without the need for the other parent's approval. For instance, you and your spouse could agree that each parent has the right to authorize life-saving procedures in the event they are needed. However, non-emergency care should be discussed by both parents before it can be authorized. 

Current Relationship Situation

It is not uncommon for parents to want to introduce a new girlfriend or boyfriend to their children. Unfortunately, the other parent might not feel comfortable with the introduction and this could lead to conflict. 

While creating a visitation agreement, you and your spouse need to set up guidelines for introducing a new partner to the child. For instance, you could agree that the visitations need to be just the child and the parent until the three-month mark of the relationship with the partner. You could even include an agreement to inform the other parent before introducing the child to the partner. 

If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement for visitation that works for both of you, the court might have to intervene. Work with an attorney like Koth & Gregory PC Law Firm to get help with mediation with your spouse and to help draft a visitation agreement that is centered on the child and fair.