4 Types Of Damages That Can Be Collected From A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit is a claim that is filed against a company or individual by the surviving family members of a person who has died on wrongful terms. For example, if someone was working on a property and died due to carelessness by the property owner, then the surviving family members can file a wrongful death claim. Here are four types of damages that can be collected from these family members from the wrongful death lawsuit they have filed against a company or individual:

  1. Medical Bills and Burial Expenses: One type of financial damage that is always taken care of from a wrongful death lawsuit is the medical bills that the person has collected before his or her untimely death. Of course, sometimes there are no medical bills to account for if the person has died on the scene and needed no treatment in the hospital. Also, burial expenses are almost always covered, as well, which allows the family to put together a large funeral that they feel their loved one deserved. 
  2. Lost Wages: The surviving family members will sometimes receive a payout for the lost wages that their loved one would have earned if they lived out a normal, long and healthy life. This is usually only the case if the person who has died had family members who relied on his or her regular wages. Sometimes the compensation for lost wages will be paid over time while others will receive a full payout. 
  3. Pain and Suffering: All family members of the loved one who has passed have the right to receive compensation for pain and suffering. For example, should some family members have to take time off work to mourn and plan the funeral, they will be compensated for that time. They can also be compensated for things such as counseling and more.
  4. Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are specifically intended to punish the individual or company that caused the wrongful death to help prevent them from causing these same wrongful actions in the future. However, this is only applicable in some states.

The amount of compensation for surviving family members and the specific types of damage that are covered all depend on the limitations of the state the lawsuit has been filed in, as well as the specifications of the case. It is important for everyone to know of these types of compensation should you ever be involved in a wrongful death lawsuit. You want to know your rights as a surviving family member, as well as what you are potentially facing should the lawsuit have been filed against you. For more information, contact a professional like Allison & Rickards, Attorneys at Law, LLC.