How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Assets

When you are going through a divorce, things don't always go as planned. If you have a lot of financial resources that you want to protect and keep your soon-to-be ex from getting, you need a divorce lawyer to assist you. Find out how a divorce lawyer can safeguard your assets so everything doesn't end up in the hands of your former spouse.

Your lawyer can help freeze your assets.

If you have joint accounts, a divorce lawyer will likely move forward to have your assets frozen right away. This is so your spouse will be unable to remove all your joint funds or spend the money in your accounts, and helps keep your savings, checking, and mutual funds accounts at a stand-still until your divorce has been resolved.

This also means you will not have access to your joint accounts, so make sure you have cash and alternative means of spending while you undergo your divorce.

Your lawyer can prove your assets should belong to you.

If you are the primary breadwinner in your home and feel that vehicles, the house, and the bank accounts should mainly go to you, your lawyer can help you make a case proving your ownership. Your lawyer will help you create a positive ownership case by:

  • providing receipts and paperwork in your name
  • proving your income outweighs your spouse's
  • providing documents of items you personally bought your spouse

If you live in a community property state where everything you've acquired during your marriage is likely to be evenly split, a divorce lawyer can help make the division more fair in your favor according to how much financially you have provided for your assets.

Your lawyer can help prevent alimony

If the other party in your divorce is fighting for alimony or spousal support, this can mean that you will have to pay them a certain amount of money every month to enable them to mainstay their lifestyle similar to how it was when you were married. This is especially true for cases where one spouse earned a sizable income while the other spouse stayed at home to care for the home and children. If you are worried about having to pay alimony, your lawyer can fight to prove that your ex does not deserve it by:

  • showcasing the faults of the other party in not caring for your home or children
  • proving that there was no agreement that you would work while the other party stayed home
  • alerting the judge to the abilities of your former spouse to earn their own sizable income

If you have paid for the unused education of your spouse or have proof that you have paid for the personal vehicle they drive or home they live in, your divorce lawyer may opt to sue the other party for repayment of these things, which often leads to the other party dropping their demand for alimony in response.

When your assets are at risk in a divorce, you need a great divorce lawyer to help protect the finances that are rightfully yours. A lawyer can help you keep your assets as whole as possible so you can walk away from your divorce as financially secure as possible.